PCL View / PCL Print - PCLTool SDK Option II

PCLView Program has an easy to use graphical interface that provides a subset of the functionality found in PCLTool and PCLWorks programs. PCLView can index, search, extract, print and view PCL. In order to view the PCL, PCLView converts the PCL into an in-memory DIB-Raster or GDI-vector/text page image and then renders it to the screen or printer.

PCLView does not directly convert PCL into other formats like PDF or TIFF. Nor does it permit the indirect conversion to PDF, TIFF or other file formats by printing to various third-party printer drivers.

We also have other versions of PCLView that have custom index keyword search dialogs, which use a higher level indexes generated by PCLXForm before the PCL is archived. Developers can also purchase PCLTool SDK – Option I to write their own custom PCLViewer to meet their specific application requirements.


PCLPrint is a console program that converts PCL into an in-memory DIB-Raster or GDI-vector/text page image and then renders it to a printer device. It is commonly called from our Port Monitor's Redirector program (Rdest.exe) and passes the captured spool file intended for a PCL printer.

The converted PCL is printed to either the default printer driver or to one specified in the Port Monitor configuration dialog or one specified in an application preference (APP.INI) file. This is also a program that can be customized to suit your unique application requirements using the source code that is included for use with PCLTool SDK Option I.


FastPrint is a console program that sends input PCL to the default or designated PCL printer using the Windows EscapePassThrough function. It's more efficient and transparent to the end user than opening a DOS shell to use the "COPY /b pcl prn" command.

FastPrint is often called from within a PCLXForm script to direct PCL, after it has been streamedited or transformed, to a PCL printer.

PCLMagic Printer Driver

The new industry-exclusive PageTech PCLMagic printer drivers now included with PCLTool SDK, embed searchable text into the PCL print stream before the printer driver generates it, saving all the text in its natural unscrambled state. Both the monochrome (PCL5e) and color (PCL5c) PCLMagic drivers call our custom programs to insert Unicode and UTF-8 text into the print stream to circumvent the way Windows printer drivers normally "scramble" the text in PCL print streams.

Using the PCLMagic printer driver to capture the text before it's scrambled and replace it with Unicode and UTF-8 text enables developers to capture text in any language and extract it downstream for file-splitting, auto-indexing, converting to fully text-searchable PDF's or re-purposing into TransPromo documents.

Combining the PCLMagic Printer Driver with the PCLTool Software Development Kit (SDK), developers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM's) can build state-of-the-art, high-volume document management systems that are easy to customize and deploy.

PCLMagic Printer Driver Features:

  • Both monochrome (PCL5e) and color (PCL5c) versions available
  • Compatible with XP, Vista, Win7 and Server 2008
  • Installs automatically with the PCLTool SDK
  • Uses the correct Unicode or UTF-8 character cell assignments when extracting the text
  • PCLMagic drivers and Port Monitor install and uninstall easily without affecting the core SDK installation.
  • Print Manager Data can also be captured by our Port Monitor and inserted into the PCL print stream as PJL comments to let our transformation tools know who generated the print file.

For customers needing assistance to select the right option or to integrate our products into their custom workflow, please contact our Technical Sales team at (+1) 858.794.6884 or send an e-mail to info@pagetech.com for a quote.

PCL Tool SDK v11 Live Evaluation!PCL Tool SDK Live Evaluation!

PCL to PDF Products

PCL Transformation products for Developers, Systems Integrators and MIS departments.


PCLTool SDK converts complex PCL into PDF, PDF/A, XPS, TIFF, BMP, PNG, WMF, and EMF.

PCLWorks Program

PCLWorks provides a Subset of Essential PCLTool SDK GUI-Only Programs that can view, convert, debug, and analyze PCL Printstreams.